Back when I was going to college at Oregon State I would visit my uncle, a gentleman farmer who had been making wine for years on his property.  I was always impressed that he was making wine to his taste and it certainly made him happy.

As the years went by, I tiptoed into the world of winemaking.  I began making wine at my home, and eventually included a very good friend in the process.  That nucleus began an appreciation for all aspects of wine: the nose, the texture and taste.  As the years would come and go, the rhythm of the seasons revolved around the harvest, the pressing, and the tasting as the wine matured.

As I enjoyed the wine and shared it with my friends, they would often encourage me to make some wine they could buy.

As I was looking for grapes in Paso Robles, I saw an opportunity to explore my growing wine passion by producing and selling the kinds of wine that I enjoy.  I had discovered it was not always easy to find the style of luscious, full bodied wines that were my favorite.  Out of my desire to find these very special wines, I decided to create my own label, Hartigan Cellars.

The wines I produce are rich in texture, with full body and a great mouth feel.  The Reds are the “New World” style where the fruit is more forward, the way I think wine is supposed to taste.  As you read the labels of our wines you will find  the information you need to know about what’s inside the bottle.  You can be sure that the style of our wines will be consistent, and that you will enjoy sharing it with your friends and family.