Food and wine isn’t really as complex as some make it seem.  It’s simply about matching flavors.  We invite you to take a look at the reference links on this page which provide some interesting thoughts about food and wine pairings.

Pinot Noir
 is a black wine grape variety of the species Vitis vinifera.  The name is derived from the French words for “pine” and “black” alluding to the grape variety’s tightly clustered dark purple pine cone shaped bunches of fruit.  Our Pinot Noir is a full bodied, red wine that boasts considerable meal pairing versatility, and it may be one of the world’s most versatile food wines.
The Zinfandel grape produces a robust red wine.  It is genetically equivalent to the Primitivo variety traditionally grown in Italy, where it was introduced in the 18th century.  It tends to be fruitier and less dry than many popular red varietals. Zinfandel wine’s amazing versatility makes them a wonderful pairing for a variety of dishes.

 is a green-skinned grape variety that originated from the Burgundy wine region of eastern France.  The Chardonnay grape itself is very neutral, with many of the flavors commonly associated with the grape being derived from such influences as terroir and oak.  Food pairing with chardonnay, when done correctly, can truly elevate the tasting experience of this elegant white wine.

Food and Wine Pairing Guide: